MeetingKroon Legal specialise in Family Law. Rod Kroon is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and can advise on the most complex of Family Law matters. Our other Barristers & Solicitors also seek guidance from Rod when required. We have a fixed fee service for simple and uncontested Family Law matters including divorce and separation from de facto relationships. Contact us at our Bunbury office to see if your situation would qualify for our fixed fee service. When you call us, if we are unsure if you qualify for a fixed fee, we provide a discounted hourly rate for a one hour consultation which will be included in a fixed fee service if you do qualify.

Part of our role is to keep you out of Court if possible as going to trial for a Family Court matter can be extremely costly. Trials for property or children issues often exceed $20,000. It is in your interest to settle your matter without the need for litigation if at all possible. Our Barristers & Solicitors work for you and will try to negotiate the best outcome in accordance with your wishes.

Family Law is complex and the calculation for the distribution of property and decisions for children can vary significantly from case to case. For child matters the law specifies over 20 aspects that the Family Court must consider. Although you may feel a fair division of property is 50/50 this is often not the case. Once taking into account, amongst other things, the length of the relationship, ongoing care for children, superannuation entitlements and the contributions each person has made to the property (including non-financial contributions like raising children) the distribution of property is often made more in favour of one person than the other. Even if you are consenting to a property settlement it is best to get professional legal advice to make sure you are getting your entitlement or something close to it.