Criminal Law

If you or a family member is being investigated or has been charged with a criminal offence it is best to get legal advice as soon as practicable. Unless you have been served a notice to provide certain information, for example a Data Access Order or the identity of a driver for a vehicle registered in your name, you are under no obligation to immediately provide any information other than your name and address if you are asked by a Police Officer. You are not required to attend a Police Station unless you are either under arrest or under a requirement pursuant to the Road Traffic Act 1974. If you are arrested you have a right to know what offence is being investigated. The law requires Police to advise you of your rights which includes the right to remain silent and the right to communicate or attempt to communicate with a lawyer.

If you are charged with an offence Kroon Legal can provide advice on your situation. We offer a fixed fee service for some procedural matters like Bail Applications and Pleas in Mitigation. We also offer a discounted hourly rate for initial advice. If you enter a plea of guilty we offer a fixed fee (of which the initial hourly rate is included in) to represent you in Court, if applicable to your circumstances consideration for a Spent Conviction (meaning you may not have to disclose the conviction to employers), negotiation with the prosecutor and for a plea in mitigation.

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