How are legal services being affected?  Well they are. Privately, law firms are still operating fairly normally, taking appointments, and doing the work.  Precautions are taken to be more vigilant with hygiene, and keeping distance between people.  Some lawyers will work more from home as they can log into the office and work as if […]

The Effect of a Complex and Highly Conditional Will; From a possible zero inheritance, to $25 million to $6 million.

The Effect of a Complex and Highly Conditional Will; From a possible zero inheritance, to $25 million to $6 million. Analysis of Lemon v Mead [2017] WASCA 215 Recently the Supreme Court overturned a previous decision that saw the youngest daughter of mining magnate Michael Wright go from inheriting $25 million from his estate to […]

All’s Fair in Love and War? – Is a FVRO a weapon in the arsenal for a Family Law Fight?

In July 2017 the Restraining Orders Act 1997 was amended to introduce the ‘Family Violence Restraining Order’. Largely in response to political pressure, the protections for potential victims have been significantly increased. As a result of fallout from the horrendous outcomes in the past in relation to Family Violence for which Rosie Batty has been […]

Wills and Intestacy

If you’re aged over 18 years of age, own assets and care who gets your assets or money when you die, then you should have a Will.  A Will is an important legal document which sets out how you wish to distribute your assets upon your death. Each person must have their own Will – […]

Child Relocation – Moving With A Child After Separation

One of the most difficult issues after a relationship separation is when the care-giving parent wants to relocate with the child. “Relocation” is the term used where the caregiving parent wishes to move the child’s residence to another town, State/Territory or country. Relocation is a serious matter where the move will result in the non-relocating […]

Enduring Powers Of Guardianship

Further to the last few months where I discussed the importance of having a valid Will and Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) (financial/land dealings document), this month I’m covering another important document, the Enduring Power of Guardianship (EPG). An EPG is a formal document which gives another person authority to make decisions on your behalf […]

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